Chocolate Macarons

It’s no secret that I have a mild obsession with these delicate confections. The first time I made these was in Paris when I registered for a one-day class on making macarons. One and a half years later, I finally made them for the second time during my first week of pastry school. These days, it’s a regular occurrence. This is the first recipe I’m posting, and it’s based off the one we made in school: Chocolate Macarons with a Dark Chocolate Ganache. Ok, the ganache at school was actually hazelnut, but I didn’t have the ingredients for that at home.

Macarons are actually not the easiest things to make. The ingredients are so simple! But it’s the technique that can make or break them. Undermix the batter and you’ll get lumpy, feet-less, cracked cookies. Overmix it and they’ll be flat as pancakes and likely uneven. I still have a hard time getting the batter just right, and more often than not I have to dump it out of my piping bag back into the bowl because I haven’t mixed it enough. It can be very frustrating.

Chocolate Macarons

  • 60 g egg whites room temperature
  • 65 g granulated sugar
  • 70 g almond flour
  • 55 g powdered sugar
  • 8 g Dutch-processed cocoa powder
  • 100 g dark chocolate chopped
  • 67 g heavy whipping cream


  1. Line baking sheet with a silpat mat or parchment.*
  2. Place the almond powder, icing sugar, and cocoa powder in a food processor. Process until just beginning to clump.
  3. Sift and discard any bits that won't pass through the sifter. Set aside.
  4. Whip the egg whites until they're the consistency of a loose foam. Continue whipping while slowly adding sugar. Whip to a stiff meringue.
  5. Fold the dry mixture into the meringue.**
  6. Pour the batter into a piping bag fitted with the 1A tip.
  7. Pipe the macarons onto your baking sheet.
  8. When all your macarons are piped, whack the baking sheet on the counter at least 3 times to get rid of any air bubbles.***
  9. Let the macarons dry at room temperature until dry to the touch. Approx 1 hour. DO NOT skip this step.
  10. While macarons are drying, make the ganache.
  11. Chop the chocolate finely and place in a bowl. Heat the cream until boiling and pour over chopped chocolate. Do not stir! Cover bowl with plastic wrap for 2 mins. Stir to emulsify ganache. Place in fridge to set.****
  12. Once dry, bake macarons in a 300°F oven until they stick a little bit to the pans. This can be anywhere from 10-20mins depending on your oven and how crowded the macarons are on the pan.
  13. Let cookies cool completely before removing from pans.
  14. Pipe ganache into the center, sandwich the cookies and twist together.

For The Full Instructions, See Full Recipes>>Chocolate Macarons

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