Breakfast Coffee Banana Smoothie

Kick start your morning (or your afternoon or evening!) with this easy smoothie made with bananas, yogurt, and Folgers Instant Coffee. It's the perfect indulgence whenever you need a quick pick-me-up!

I think most people fall into one of two categories: either you’re a morning person…  or you’re not.

And that’s totally okay.

But no matter which side of the fence you find yourself on, it’s always good to know (and be able to admit) just how you deal with the dawn of a new day.

As for me, it just so happens that I’m a morning person – the jump-out-of-bed, get-ready-in-a-jiffy, motivated-to-conquer-the-world type of morning person – and when I started working from home, I thought this meant I was set. Because being my own boss? Starting work each day? That should be a breeze for someone who never needs to hit the snooze button on their alarm clock, right?

  •  2 large banana frozen and cut into pieces
  •  2 tbsp granulated sugar or to taste
  •  1 cup greek yogurt (or ice cream) plain or vanilla
  •  1 cup milk
  •  4 tsp Folgers Instant Coffee (or to taste)

  • Add bananas, sugar, greek yogurt, milk, and Folgers instant coffee to a food processor. Blend mixture until smooth or until you can no longer see any of the Folgers Instant Coffee granules. Do a taste test, then add more sugar or Folgers Instant Coffee if desired.
  • Pour smoothie into a tall glass and enjoy immediate

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